what is liposuction


If you are the one who wants to have a beautiful figure. But I have tried everything, whether it’s diet, exercise, or go through a lot of weight loss courses. Liposuction is now considered a standardized, safe, and effective way to help you achi

eve the desired beautiful figure.

One of the reasons you may not be able to slim down in certain positions is that you’ve lost a lot of weight. That’s because each person’s fat cells are deposited in different locations. For example, some people may have a lot in the upper arms, thighs or abdomen only. The amount of fat cells depends on genetics, which we cannot change. In addition, some people even have less fat in that area from exercise. or lose weight But it’s easy to get fat back in that position, because when you’re thinner. The number of fat cells did not decrease. But it’s just downsizing. liposuction surgery which destroys fat cells Therefore, it is a way to reduce the fat in that position of you permanently.

history of liposuction

Liposuction started in the 1960’s when the technique of liposuction was not as good as it is today. Both have many side effects. and bleeding profusely Starting from the use of a fat scraper (Curettage) developed to the use of a vacuum to assist in sucking through the blunt cannulas with suction assisted. Fat will look like a hard lump. Suction therefore tends to cause quite a lot of tissue injury and has many side effects. such as profuse bleeding Therefore, liposuction is still a risky surgery.

In 1990, after 30 years of development of suction techniques, ultrasound waves were introduced to dissolve fat into liquid before being sucked. This method has been developed continuously until the current liposuction is easy, safe and has satisfactory results.

In addition, at present has also been taken to absorb fat As a filler in various positions such as the face to make the skin look younger as well.

Popularity of Liposuction

position of liposuction The most popular are the upper arms, abdomen and thighs. In women, for men, it is preferable to suck on the chest, abdomen and waist.

In a 2011 survey by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, liposuction was the most popular cosmetic surgery, with 403,684 in 2006 and 1,268287 in 2011.

Techniques and procedures of liposuction

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Understand and prepare for surgery such as blood tests, stopping certain medications, etc.

On the day of surgery, the doctor will perform a physical examination to determine the readiness again.

to alleviate the pain The safest way is Local anesthesia injection or local anesthesia (but in patients with more than normal fear Should choose to use general anesthesia or natchayaclinic.com general anesthesia, which should be done in a hospital only. because it is more risky)

liposuction surgery procedure

Inject an anesthetic to open the wound, approximately 0.5-1 cm in size.

The doctor will use a tool that is a small long stick (Blunt cannula) to put saline mixed with anesthetic and drug (Tumescent technique) will be inserted all over the fat layer. of the area to be treated which after injection The patient will no longer feel pain in this area. and will reduce the amount of blood flowing during the procedure as well

After putting the anesthetic all over It is the process of breaking down fat. with ultrasound waves which ultrasound waves transmit energy vibrate the walls of ruptured fat cells and disintegrate into water which at present, this ultrasound instrument can destroy fat without harming other tissues such as blood vessels or nerves at all

When all the fat is broken down into water The doctor will remove the fat. by using a vacuum cleaner

When all the fat in the deep layers is removed Isswir’s doctor would use the technique of High-definition to adjust the shape to be as beautiful as possible

When all of these steps have been completed The doctor will sew the wound. which the wound is small and no more than 2 stitches

after surgery A saline solution will flow from the surgical wound for no more than 24-48 hours to drain the saline and anesthetic remaining in the treated area.

After the treatment, the surgeon will clean the surgery area and wrap a cloth to tighten the skin around the surgery area. To collapse, swelling and a beautiful figure

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