How to choose a health check-up package?

“Choose a health check-up package” How? An annual health check is a physical examination to look for abnormalities. Or check the body to see if there is any risk or not. so that we can receive treatment or modify some behavior In order not to cause serious disease in the future by basic physical examination, a complete blood test will be performed. lipid test, urine test, sugar test, etc., although we can test these separately. But it is not necessary to check everything. But an annual physical exam or check-up to determine the overall risk It seems to save money and time in detecting abnormalities in the body as well.

So how do we “choose a health check-up package”? Of course, the basic health check includes a chemical test in the blood to look for initial abnormalities.

1. Complete blood count (CBC) test to check for anemia or thalassemia.

2. Blood glucose test (FPG) to see the risk of diabetes. Especially in people over the age of 35 years should be checked for the risk of diabetes.

3. Blood lipid test to check for cholesterol and triglycerides In the blood that there is too much or not. Blood lipid tests can be checked from the age of 20 years.

4. Kidney function test. or a creatinine test to measure the level of kidney function that can eliminate waste normally or not The people who should check their kidney function are People over 60

Is a “in-depth” examination necessary?

In addition to the basic physical examination that everyone should be examined Specific examinations for diseases that are at risk of developing different ages It is necessary that we have to choose according to various health check packages. If you’re a woman over 30, screening for cancer, especially cervical and breast cancer, is necessary. Or, if you’re over 50, screening for colon cancer is also a good option. Therefore, choosing a health check-up package should be selected according to the age range and risk behavior doctorathome of various diseases. from our daily life

Is it necessary?… that requires dozens of health checks at a time

Health checks are important for all ages. Whether you’re only 20 years old, or up to 65 years old, it’s a good idea to get a health check. But if you are someone who has regular health checks already. The need for dozens of health checks It depends on the behavior, the risk of developing various diseases. screening for various diseases It is not necessary to check every year. But at least once, you need to be screened for disease risks according to different ages. for your own good health

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