Good reasons for annual health checks

Good reasons for annual health checks Maintaining and maintaining health is very important to everyone. Because our bodies and doctorathome organs are working all the time. And as we get older, our bodies will deteriorate or deteriorate, but we can take care and check our physical condition by doing annual health checks to look for various diseases that may occur in our bodies in the early stages, which No symptoms, such as diabetes, high blood pressure. High blood fats, etc., so that we can treat various diseases in a timely manner. does not cause serious complications

The advantages of annual health checks are: that we can detect diseases since there are no symptoms allowing us to receive appropriate treatment and prevent the disease from spreading to severe complications or if detected that the disease is not yet But there is a risk of disease We will take care of protection. reduce various risk factors that will cause disease and closely monitor the health problems with specialized medical professionals especially people with health risk behaviors Whether it is a regular consumption of high-fat foods, smoking, not exercising. drinking large amounts of alcohol The more likely to develop various diseases than general people. Therefore, if we are not aware of the dangers of various diseases and neglecting the annual health checks recommended by the doctor The body can be at risk of developing various serious diseases, so you should have an annual health check at least once a year.

6 months agoWhat are the health checks and who should be checked?

Annual health check-up can be checked at any age. From birth to old age The checklists are different according to the age range. hereditary sex and the risk of disease of each individual The annual health check can be divided into 3 major groups as follows:


For a health check in children is a physical examination. mainly to see growth and development which will be assessed by a pediatrician It also includes vaccinations according to age. to prevent various diseases as well

Working age or adult

Annual health check-up in working age group Is a person aged 18 – 60 years will be a physical examination to find various diseases that may occur in the body The health check-up procedures consist of blood pressure measurement, pulse measurement, respiratory rate measurement, height measurement, weight, and blood tests (eg sugar level, lipid level, kidney function). liver function, etc.) Chest X-ray examination ECG abdominal ultrasound examination urine test Examination with other special tools After that, your doctor will ask you about your past health history. family history especially those whose family has a history of heart disease and diabetes because this group has a higher risk of developing such diseases than others, including asking about behaviors that affect health, such as food consumption, alcohol consumption, smoking, stress from work Exercise behavior, etc., and the doctor will perform a preliminary physical examination. and collect all information to diagnose and make recommendations based on individual risks. In addition, the annual health check It also covers recommendations for various vaccinations. according to the needs of each individual as well

In addition to the preliminary check list that has been mentioned above. For women aged 40 and over, a mammogram should be performed to screen for breast cancer. and women aged 30 years of age or have had sex Should be screened for cervical cancer as well.

For people over 50 years and older for both women and men You should also undergo a lower gastrointestinal endoscopy to screen for colon and rectal cancer.

Health check-up in the elderly

The elderly group, aged 60 and over, should receive an annual health check in addition to a preliminary health check-up. which consists of Eye exam, brain function assessment, bone mineral density test to screen for osteoporosis. Checking your heart’s performance by treadmill or ultrasound

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