Basics of physical examination of a health check-up program

Basics of physical examination of a health check-up program Many times to go to the health check We often encounter words that are difficult to understand. Abbreviations for body measurements include numbers that seem like only your doctor knows what they mean. After being explained by the doctor, it was understood. When I got home, I still couldn’t remember if this number was good or not. What should be the normal value? So, is our body normal? That’s why it’s important to understand the results of basic health checks that you should know when going for a health check.

What are the basics of the physical examination of the health screening program?

Basic health check-up of every hospital, besides measuring blood pressure, height and weight, and measuring basic normalness in the body or the necessary blood chemistry tests will begin with a blood type test. check the completeness of blood cells check blood sugar levels check blood lipid levels liver function Kidney function test, doctorathome urine test, blood uric acid test, etc.

What can the numbers of health checks tell us?

check the completeness of blood cells It measures the amount, volume and shape of red blood cells to tell if we have anemia or not. The hemoglobin value for men is 13 -18 grams per deciliter. and women’s 12-16 grams per deciliter If the value is lower than normal should find the cause of what

check blood sugar levels It is a screening for diabetes. where the glucose level should not exceed 100 if the value is higher That is, being at risk for diabetes. But still have to check for more accuracy. is to look at the cumulative average sugar which is to look at the sugar level over the past 3 months This makes it more accurate in diagnosing diseases.

check blood lipid levels It is a test for cholesterol and triglycerides. in the blood, which is to find good fats and bad fats If the value is higher than normal, it can lead to an increased risk of coronary heart disease.

liver function test This is a test for liver function enzymes SGOT and SGPT, which can tell if the liver is in normal working order. In addition, can check A condition in which the liver becomes blocked (alkaline phosphatase) for some reason.

kidney function test This is a measure of the amount of BUN Creatinine in the body. If the level is higher than normal, that is, it should be tested for further causes.

blood uric acid test Uric acid comes from the digestion of purines. Which is very present in foods such as poultry, animal organs, tops of vegetables, which we can normally get rid of uric acid through urine. But if the body does not excrete uric acid completely, it will accumulate in different parts of the body. which is the cause of gout

urine test can tell about many abnormalities Since the body is dehydrated or not Our drinking behavior urinary tract infection or how is the glomerular filtration rate

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