Former Star dealer convicted over scam

A former baccarat dealer has been convicted for his part in an illegal betting scam in which Sydney’s Star casino was cheated out of almost $500,000.

Hieu Duc Lam was captured on CCTV footage colluding with another employee and 핑카지노추천 a patron in August 2020.

The footage showed him peeking and 핑카지노주소 memorising cards to be used in an upcoming game.

Once Lam memorised the cards, he then used a secure phone messaging app to inform his accomplice, a player in the scheduled game, 핑카지노추천 of their order.

The scam netted $467,700 in less than a month.

Lam was sacked by The Star and pleaded guilty to 15 counts of dishonestly obtaining a financial advantage at Sydney’s Downing Centre Local Court in January.

He has been sentenced to two years’ jail to be served by way of intensive correction order that began earlier this month.He is also required to perform 250 hours community service work.

Independent Liquor & Gaming Authority chair, Philip Crawford, 핑카지노추천 says The Star self-reported the misconduct and was right to sack Lam as he held a position of responsibility.

“A casino special employee is licensed to supervise and facilitate gaming activities,” Mr Crawford said in a statement on Saturday.

“Their role is to help safeguard the integrity of casino operations from criminal influence, serious misconduct or exploitation, and a special degree of trust is placed in them.

“This case demonstrates a clear breach of that trust.”

ILGA, on application by NSW Liquor and Gaming, has also cancelled Lam’s gaming licence.

His case comes after two Star employees were sacked and convicted after attempting to steal more than $30,000 in gaming chips in March.